Waste collection on Siivouspäivä (25.5.2019)

Electrical, electronic and large waste items were collected in Jätkäsaari on Saturday 25.5.2019. The waste collection was organised in conjunction with Siivpuspäivä (Cleaning day).

Four skips for SER and large waste items were placed on the clear site at the junction of Välimerenkatu and Messipojankuja on Saturday (8am-16pm). Three of the skips were for larger mixed waste items (chairs, shelves, rugs) and one for SER waste. Rööri staff were providing help on site for the whole duration.

In total 720kg of electrical and electronic waste, and 1600kg of large waste items were collected on the day.

Due to popular demand, similar collections will be organised in Jätkäsaari in the near future.

Bear in mind that large waste items and SER do not belong in the sorting rooms. Thank you!