The sorting rooms are being renovated – give us feedback!

As a result of the service design project carried out at the Jätkäsaari sorting rooms, the sorting room on Kap Hornin katu will be updated to meet the needs of various interest groups better than before.

The rooms have not worked as hoped: Items that don’t belong in the sorting rooms, such as furniture and electronics, have been left there.

The aim now is to clarify the use of the rooms and to make them more pleasant to use. The Kap Hornin katu sorting room will be the pilot for the project. Due to the nature of the room, not everything can be tested at once, but what we learn from the pilot will be valuable for the planning of the other sorting rooms.

Give us feedback on the new sorting room by filling in the short questionnaire. Feedback will be collected from 26 October to 15 December 2017.