RÖÖRI-sorting container will be moved to a new location

RÖÖRI-sorting container currently located on Länsisatamankatu 18 will be moved to Saukonpaadenpuisto in March 2019.

The change of location takes place due to construction work at the site. The sorting container is moved to Saukonpaadenpuisto to provide the local residents with recycling services that are not included in the current pipeline-based system (eg. glass, metal, large items of mixed waste and cardboard).

The sorting container will be in its new location for max. of 2 years and will be moved when the construction of Saukopaadenpuisto commences.

Fencing will be built around the sorting container and the surrounding area. The sorting container and its surroundings will be kept clean.

A further notice will be given once the sorting container is ready for use in its new location.

The new address is SAUKONPAADEN PUISTO, 00180 HELSINKI.