Privacy policy

Based on EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
dated 20.10.2020

Keeper of the Register

Jätkäsaaren jätteen putkikeräys Oy (JJPOY)
Business ID: 2346319-8
Kyllikinportti 2
00240 Helsinki

Contact person for register-related affairs and contact information:
Jouni Spets, Kyllikinportti 2, 00240 Helsinki
(puh. 0405927320)

Name of the register:

Reason for keeping a register:
The basis for keeping the register is receiving, processing and communicating customer feedback. The collection of customer feedback is based on customers’ own consent to provide information.

Purpose of the register:
Receipt of customer contacts and feedback by e-mail from and processing of customer feedback.

Information contained in the register
Customers can provide the following information on the feedback form:

    • the reason for customer feedback
    • name
    • telephone number
    • e-mail
    • customer feedback message, ie information provided by the customer himself

Designated sources of information
The data source is the information provided by the customer himself. The information stored in the register is mainly obtained from the customer from messages sent using web forms. Information may also be obtained by telephone, through social media services, contracts, customer meetings and other situations in which the customer discloses their information.

Customers can be individuals and companies.

Relinquishing of information
The information provided on the web form will be sent to the e-mail of the registrar and the customer service subcontractor. To use e-mail, you need a username and password.

Depending on the customer feedback received, the information may be passed on to a third party (eg property manager or service center) if the investigation so requires. The information will not be disclosed to third parties unless there is a clear need to do so.

Exercising Rights
Every customer has the right to know what information about him or her has been stored in the database described in this register description, as well as the right to demand the correction of incorrect information, as well as to invoke his or her rights protected by the Personal Data Act.

A user can access his/her information once in a calendar year for free. Request for access has to be submitted, in written form, to the person in charge of register affairs and the request has to be signed personally. The requested information will be provided in a written format and delivered via mail to the address designated by the customer.

Register protection
Only certain employees of companies acting on behalf of and for JJPOY and JJPOY have the right to use customer feedback information.

Remember that the Internet is not a protected environment and be careful not to disclose information the disclosure of which could cause you mental, financial, or other harm.