The first recycling campaign of spring on Saturday 29 February

The first recycling campaign of spring is on Saturday 29 February from 10am to 4pm.

Electrical, electronic and large waste items are collected in Jätkäsaari on
– Saturday 29 February from 10am to 4pm
– Friday 24 April from 10am to 8pm

See more information about recycling campaigns and print this release on your housing company bulletin board:

Re – kevät 2020 Rööri-FIN-ENG-SWE


NB: This waste collection is only for residents using the pipeline-based waste collection system. Please present your RÖÖRI-key at the collection point.

The waste is collected:

You CAN bring:

Electrical and electronic waste (SER)

  • televisions and computers
  • washing machines and fridges
  • coffee machines
  • other small electrical equipment

Large waste items

  • broken chairs, cupboards, desks and other furniture
  • damaged rugs
  • folders, buckets and other large items of waste that do not fit in the pipeline-based waste collection system

Do NOT bring:

  • hazardous waste (eg. paints, diluents, batteries, fluorescent tubes)
    • HSY hazardous waste container (eg. Tyynenmerenkatu 11, 00220 Helsinki)
  • waste containing asbestos
    • HSY Sortti station in Ämmässuo
  • pressure treated timber
    • HSY Sortti station
  • explosives
    • Police


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